The market for mobile data has been heating up with Gigabit per day and unlimited data plans and zero-rated video applications.  This lower cost-per-bit to the mobile subscriber is driving massive increases in the use of video applications for entertainment and communications.  To cope with the increases in data throughput carriers are adding capacity to their existing mobile gateways and adding additional gateways both physical and virtual. What this means to the test engineers in mobile carriers and equipment manufacturers is that data performance tests need to scale to significantly higher levels.

Spirent Landslide C100-M4

To address this need Spirent has released a new high-performance data mode for the M series Landslide Test Servers.  When coupled with the new C100-M4 test server this enables:

  • 16 X 10G line rate data
  • Decoupled control and data plane delivers line rate at max scale
  • Validation of the latest generation of hardware or virtual mobile gateways

Download the latest release →

Supported Platforms & Hardware

  • Landslide C100-M4
  • Landslide C100-M2
  • Landslide C100-S2
  • Landslide C100
  • Landslide C50 
  • Landslide E10
  • Landslide Virtual
  • Landslide Multi-Client Wi-Fi RF module

See the release notes for further details

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