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Mobilethink offers mobile operators powerful solutions for device management, customer engagement and smartphone support in order to boost data uptake, drive greater customer lifetime value and reduce customer care costs.

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Fighting the mobile clones in Africa

Read our article in Southern African Wireless Communications about how Mobilethink algorithm turns African operators’ multi-billion counterfeit challenge into a business opportunity.

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Tele2 Austria goes for better care experience with Spirent

Tele2 Austria deploys Spirent’s Mobilethink Device Guides to offer its customers flexibility and greater customer care service, while at the same time reducing customer care costs.

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VoLTE Device Management eBook

Learn how automated device configuration and always up-to-date settings guarantee successful VoLTE service uptake and reduced costs.

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Revenue in the world's fastest growing smartphone markets won't be delivered on a silver platter

How to solve the device management challenges

Smartphone subscription growth worldwide

80% of the world’s smartphone growth is taking place in fast growth markets such as Africa, LATAM, APAC and the Middle-East. But the world’s biggest smartphone opportunity doesn't come without challenges. For a start, the majority of the devices will come from diverse manufacturers of low cost and low quality devices ($30-$100). What's more, the share of cloned and counterfeit devices could be as high as 5-20% depending on the market. In addition, the growth will largely be fueled by first-time smartphones users; in Africa alone there could be 160,000 new users every day over the next 5 years.

This presents a number of challenges for mobile operators, including how to manage the high number of cloned devices and how to educate first-time smartphone users.

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Changing market dynamics - How to drive greater customer lifetime value?

Mobile data subscription growth in Europe and US

Growing revenue is becoming increasingly difficult when mobile broadband subscription growth in mature markets is slowing down to a yearly average of 5% over the next 5 years. Driving greater customer lifetime value from the existing customer base is a shortcut to higher revenue and profitability when there is no growth in net additions.

The telecommunication industry’s average Net Promoter Score (NPS) has historically been low, denoting low consumer loyalty and mindshare. The challenge, then, is to work out how can you sell more or convince customers to stay longer when they often forget their operator's brand after inserting the SIM card.

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Smartphone proliferation an ever-increasing burden for customer care

Pile of smartphones

Sub-$100 devices and a growing range of manufacturers will dominate smartphone markets in the future. For mobile operators the transformation of the smartphone market means a more complex and diversified device base to support. This, in turn, could lead to lower customer satisfaction and increased customer care costs.

So how can you manage smartphone support in an efficient way? And how can you maintain customer satisfaction when helping them gets more complicated?

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How Digicel improved the customer care experience

Mobile operators have long lived with the burden of being the de facto technical support centre for device manufacturers and due to the rapid proliferation of the smartphone market this problem is only getting bigger. Digicel El Salvador identified this growing problem early and decided to act upon it before it was too late. Read the case study and learn how Digicel reached their customer experience goals by deploying Mobilethink Device Guides.

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VoLTE - $1 Billion Invested, Little Return

A lack of automatic device configuration for VoLTE devices has slowed down global VoLTE uptake. Despite years of VoLTE investments, mobile operators haven’t be able to capture any serious revenue from the service. Mobilethink VoLTE Device Management finally brings the long waited automatic device configuration in to VoLTE networks and unlocks the full VoLTE revenue potential.

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BYOD - A great profitability driver

Operators are increasingly joining the highly profitable BYOD train as subsidized smartphones are too costly in the current no-growth market situation. However, the higher the share of BYOD users on a network, the less control the operator has over the device fleet. So how can operators reap the benefits of BYOD while managing the emerging challenges?

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Device Management

Device Management

Automatic service activation for mobile data, VoLTE, VoWiFi and RCS for mobile devices

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Orchestrate and automate real-time context based customer engagement for your customer journey

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Device Support

Device Support

The ultimate device knowledge base for stores, web shops, care and self-care

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Accurate device intelligence more important than ever

Sub-$100 devices from an increasingly diverse range of manufacturers will dominate smartphone markets in the future. In India alone, an average of three new device models were launched every day during 2014.

There are now tens of thousands of device models in use globally and a fragmented Operating System offering. In addition, some operators are reducing device subsidies, which leads to an increase in BYOD subscriptions and further reduces operators' control over the device fleet.

The spread of smartphones has brought mobile operators’ services to the reach of more people, exposing new revenue opportunities. But capturing these opportunities comes with a number of challenges. With the device fleet becoming ever more diverse, how can operators efficiently provide smartphone support, enable automated customer engagement and ensure a seamless welcome journey?

Read how Mobilethink ensures that its customers are able to base their businesses on the world’s most accurate device intelligence.

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Device switchers and sharers

Switchers and sharers form a valuable and large share of an African operator's subscriber base. Switchers also introduce one common challenge: high call center load - up to 127% in our customer's case. Why do so many mobile operators get it wrong when solving the switchers and sharers nightmare? This eBook presents a unique solution to send your switchers and sharers problem to the history books.

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