Realize the Promise of NFV

NFV promises OPEX and CAPEX reduction, faster service innovation and better customer experience. Getting there requires cloud-native service assurance that enables DevOps adoption at every stage of NFV transformation.

Don’t Get Stuck at NFV 1.0

Simple porting of physical network functions and service assurance probes makes the network more complex and more expensive, slowing down innovation.

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Transform with Lifecycle Service Assurance

Benefits of Lifecycle Service Assurance

Lifecycle Service Assurance

Combining highly elastic & scalable cloud-native software and silo-busting DevOps capabilities, Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) delivers the benefits of NFV 2.0 faster. Get real benefits in any network: physical, hybrid or virtual (NFV 1.0 to cloud-native). Watch the video to learn more.



A framework for building LSA solutions to test and assure services anywhere in the hybrid network. Efficiently scale to support millions of virtual test agents. Automate DevOps continuous testing across lab and production networks.

How VisionWorks works

Spirent LSA Products

Combine Spirent LSA products to form VisionWorks solutions, or use them standalone to address leading-edge active test, assurance and analytics needs for NFV, 5G, IoT and more.

Spirent InTouch


Unified customer, network & test analytics supporting active and passive sources.

Spirent Velocity VTA

Velocity & iTest

Lab automation and test authoring to enable DevOps continuous testing.

Spirent Lumos


Active test service assurance controller for NFV & hybrid production networks.

Spirent Landslide VTA


Performance and load testing VTAs and probes for LTE, Wi-Fi
and IoT

Benefits of Lifecycle Service Assurance

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