As the 3GPP R15 specifications become more stable, NEMs and Carriers are conducting more Proof of Concept (PoC) tests to evaluate every aspect of this new network architecture. To aid this tremendous effort, release 17.2 continues Landslide’s strategic feature set alignment by introducing enhancements for ‘True 5G’ testing. In addition to the existing AMF and SMF testing capabilities, Landslide now enables critical core network testing areas such as mobility performance in handoffs between gNBs as well as User Plane Function design via a new UPF Nodal test case. Furthermore, Landslide 17.2 features the first in market ‘Service Node’ test cases and node emulators to help customers validate the dimensioning and configuration of 5G’s AUSF, UDM, NNRF and PCF.

Finally, Landslide 17.2 continues to expand in key mobile network testing areas such as IMS’ Zh interface or newly popular technologies like Secure Radius (RADSEC), by providing high-scale test cases and node emulators.

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New Features in 17.2

  • True 5G
    • 5G Authentication and Security
    • Xn Handover
    • UPF testing in isolation (UPF Nodal)
    • Service-based node testing
    • Service-based node emulators (AUSF, PCF, UDM, NRF)
  • 5G NSA Enhancements
    • 5G NSA to 3G mobility
    • 5G NSA to 5G NSA mobility
    • 5G NSA inter-working with CUPS
    • MC-PTT Phase-II
    • Voicemail testing with DTMF dialing
  • Other highlights
    • RADSec
    • Impairment node
    • IPv6 Traceroute test on Virtual
    • NAT64 support on emulated Handset data
    • MME pooling with MME node failure support


Feature Enhancements

5G Evolution

At Spirent, we know delivering first to market technologies for 5G requires test tools that align with and even anticipate the release of new specifications. We are the partner of choice for Vendors and Carriers developing and testing the next generation of wireless technologies.

R17.2 is the second Landslide release with True 5G core test cases. Use cases include:

  • Testing the 5G data plane only (UPF Nodal)
  • Xn Handover Mobility Scenarios
  • Multiple gNB Emulation
  • UDM Node Testing and Emulation
  • PCF Node Testing and Emulation
  • AUSF Node Testing and Emulation
  • AUSF Node Testing and Emulation

Additionally, 17.2 continues enhancing Landslide’s 5G NSA testing capabilities by adding new use cases and features including:

  • Support for 5G gNB Performance Reports
  • Fireball support for 5G NSA to 4G Handover


Landslide continues its expansion in direct IMS/Voice over IP testing, while maintaining the unparalleled voice and video over LTE testing capabilities. In this respect, Landslide 17.2 introduces:

  • MC-PTT Enhancements
  • Zh interface testing and emulation for Ua + Ub authentication

Generic Impairment Node for increased testbed realism

A generic IP-based impairment node has been created within Landslide to do basic impairments such as delaying and dropping packets for failure test cases.

Secure RADIUS Authentication

RADSEC or Secure Radius has quickly become an important feature for Radius deployment across multiple industries. Landslide adds support for both high-scale testing a RADSEC server and emulating a RADSEC AAA server.

Supported Platforms & Hardware

  • Landslide C100-M4
  • Landslide C100-M2
  • Landslide C100-S2
  • Landslide C50
  • Landslide E10
  • Landslide Virtual

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