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As the world prepares for 5G, the levels of synchronization accuracy and speed of data transfer required are increasing exponentially. In response, the ITU-T is enhancing the G.827x series of standards to cover next-generation accuracy requirements for PTP and SyncE synchronization technologies.

Paragon-neo offers hardware performance and software test methodologies allowing picoseconds-level accuracy for the entire test system – essential for validating new devices such as Class C/D Boundary and Slave Clocks.

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5G Ready

Highest accuracy for PTP and SyncE testing to new ITU-T 5G synchronization specifications, with speeds up to 100GbE – addressing all 5G enhanced time requirements.

Robust Testing

‘Two-click’ test case driven workflow allows the entire testbed in a box, all controlled simultaneously to ensure accurate, repeatable timing of stimulus, impairment and measurement.


Hardware options for SyncE Jitter to ITU-T G.8262.1 and G.8262, internal and external high accuracy reference options for PRTC testing and a rear expansion slot for further upgrades.

Features and Benefits

Best-in-Class Accuracy
Leveraging years of experience in PTP and SyncE testing, Paragon-neo delivers sub-nanosecond accuracy for key timing measurements.
Easy Configuration
PTP device emulation, Time Error impairment patterns, SyncE Jitter and Wander noise, all automatically controlled.
Real-Time Analysis
Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT) and PTP Field Verifier (PFV) allow real time pass/fail analysis of complex timing metrics and PTP profile conformance, all with one-click report generation.

ITU-T Synchronization Testing Suite

Testing for Enhanced Time


G.8271.1 Enhanced Network Limits, G.8262.1 Enhanced EEC, G.8273.2 Class C/D Boundary and Slave Clocks – all tested with Paragon-neo.

Testing for New Networks


100GbE all the way down to 100M, allowing testing of devices and networks from core to edge.

Regression Testing


Test options for all G.826x/7x standards, with Script Recorder and Calnex Test Sequencer (CTS) with custom automation.



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Spirent TestCenter同步以太网

TestCenter Live

同步以太网基础包可为ITU-T G.8264所规定的同步状态消息(SSM)协议提供支持。

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