The World’s First DIN70121 Charging Spot Tester

The DC.chargeSTRESSOR is an electric vehicle simulator testing communication conformance between charging spots and electric vehicles. It facilitates manufacturers to develop DIN70121 standard compliant charging spots without the need of a real EV for testing purposes.


Features & Benefits

  • TTCN-3 based test cases covering DIN 70121:2012-08
  • TTworkbench Express Licence (Testing Technologies)
  • Modify existing or add new test cases (optional)
  • SLAC testing
  • Support of real charging
  • Analysis of the PWM (pulse width modulation) signal
  • Simulation of error currents
  • Short circuit tests
  • Extensive logging of data and signals throughout the whole testing cycle
    • Measurement of voltage and current
    • PWM duty cycle and logging of XML data of all sent and received messages
    • Easy post processing and analysis with TTworkbench or other 3rd party applications
  • Included test campaign covering following communication sequences
    • Supported App Protocol
    • Session Setup
    • Service Discovery
    • Service and Payment selection
    • Contract authentication (cyclic)
    • Charge parameter discovery (cyclic)
    • Cable check (cyclic)
    • Precharge (cyclic)
    • Power Delivery
    • Current Demand (cyclic)
    • Power Delivery
    • (Optional) Welding Detection (cyclic)
    • Session Stop

Hardware Components

  • 19" Flightcase
  • 3kW DC Load
  • Integrated Oszilloscope
  • Emergency stop
  • Integrated 19" TFT Display with keyboard
  • Integrated 7" Touch for easy-to-use execution of pre-defined test campaigns
  • Combo type 2 inlet

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