Cybersecurity Newsletter – November 2022



Cloud Performance & Security Validation in Action

As organizations adopt public cloud, there is increasing pressure to optimize costs and deliver consistent QoE and security. Learn how proactive performance and security assessment helps with implementing cloud-first strategies.

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Future of Cloud-Delivered Cybersecurity Solutions

In this webinar, leading cybersecurity analyst and panelists, including Spirent expert Sashi Jeyaretnam, explore the implications and challenges of cloud-delivered cybersecurity and consider its likely future development.

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Navigating the Journey to Cloud-Native Networking

Whether it is 5G, Edge Computing, SASE or enterprise digital transformation, they are all embracing cloud-native principles in their network designs. Learn about key cloud-native principles and how proactive, continuous validation helps in navigating the cloud-native networking journey.

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Push the Limits of TLS Benchmarking with CF400

In this latest encryption testing video, we demonstrate TLS performance benchmarking in action, including HTTP/S Bandwidth and HTTP/S CPS test configuration and execution, featuring our new ultra-high performance security testing solution, CF400 Appliance.

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