Cybersecurity Newsletter – September 2022



How Do You Assess Your Security Posture?

Security product testing is evolving with third party open security testing organizations providing objective information on security products. What are the benefits of vendor-neutral approaches and key considerations for evaluating vendors and assessing your security posture? Read our blog on the latest NetSecOPEN efforts to level the security testing playing field.

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Learn Effective Cybersecurity Strategies

Defense and intelligence organizations face unprecedented challenges in cybersecurity as new threats emerge and new technologies evolve. There is a need to deploy cloud infrastructures and distributed architectures such as SASE and SD-WAN, and automation to rapidly respond to evolving mission objectives. Learn about effective cybersecurity strategies and proactive cyber threat assessments from industry experts in this joint webinar by AFCEA Signal Magazine and Spirent.

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How To Use HTTP/3 for Next-Gen Web

HTTP/3 is supported by the majority of web browsers and over a quarter of the top one million websites. HTTP/3 offers improved performance & reliability compared to HTTP/2, and fault tolerance for data packet transmission over UDP. Read our blog from resident expert, Reza Saadat, to find out how you can build your next-gen web HTTP/3 leveraging Spirent CyberFlood.

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Stay Ahead of Security Threats with TestCloud

Leverage continuous intelligence for zero-day threat vector testingSpirent TestCloud provides newly found and zero-day threat vector emulation capabilities, automatically downloaded to your CyberFlood environment, with thousands of malware and exploit propagation samples to ensure security infrastructure is protected against the latest threats. Align threat assessment with threat visibility via CyberFlood’s vulnerability test and reporting via the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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Save Time through Automation with CyberFlood’s Goal Seeking Feature

CyberFlood now includes Goal Seeking capabilities to help find optimal performance for a configured test. No more manual, trial-and-error configuration of test parameters and review of results needed. Click on the Goal Seeking button and the algorithm will automatically find the optimal performance for a test, including maximum throughput and connections per second.

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Proactive Performance Testing Just Got Easier

Understanding network performance is crucial for today’s demanding business environments. Proactively testing content aware network devices is now more accessible than ever with the Spirent CF30 Appliance for CyberFlood. Optimize and harden any IT infrastructure with this all-in-one, portable and cost-effective testing tool and ensure fast, reliable and secure network performance.

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