The promise of vehicles that drive themselves

Test, enhance, and optimize connected and autonomous vehicles

Autonomous transportation will revolutionize the world by increasing safety and efficiency while unlocking new ways of distributing goods and services, and of mobilizing humanity. To make this possible, vehicles will have complex networks and autonomous systems, and be part of a massive connected infrastructure.

When such complexity meets such market urgency, test and assurance becomes critical. Spirent's thought and solution leadership will assure reliable and safe connectivity and autonomy of vehicles.

Automotive Connectivity Testing

Test, analyze and validate in-vehicle and V2X networks to ensure they conform to industry standards, meet customer expectations, and deliver market-leading performance.

Automotive Navigation and Autonomy

Evaluate the performance, quality and reliability of your safety critical GNSS applications in Automotive and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


Testing Time-Sensitive Networks

New automotive network implementations have to meet the challenges of latency, QoS, conformance, scalability, and synchronization. TSN standards enable these problems to be solved. If implemented correctly, the TSN extension of Ethernet promises the performance and reliability that time- and safety-critical automotive applications require.

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Ensure compliance to latest standards

Spirent is working with government agencies, laboratories, standards bodies and commercial organizations to successfully implement new features and services that form the intelligent transportation systems and connected vehicles of the 21st century.




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